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Xiaoyu Huang
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  345 Lingling Road, Shanghai
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Selected Publication:

1.      Junyu Ma, Chen Ma, Xiaoyu Huang,* Pedro Henrique Hermes de Araujo, Amit Kumal Goyal, Guolin Lu, Chun Feng* “Preparation and cellular uptake behaviors of uniform fiber-like micelles with length controllability and high colloidal stability in aqueous media”, Fund. Res. 2023, 3, 93.

2.      An Duan, Ziheng Wang, Xiaoyu Huang,* Yongjun Li* “Anion-dependent redox chemistry of p-type poly(vinyldimethylphenazine) cathode materials”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023, 62, e202302754.

3.      Zhaolei Wang, An Duan, Weize Jin, Xiaoyu Huang,* Yongjun Li* “Poly(viologen halide)s: both cationic main-chain and counter anions are active for high-performance organic cathodes”, J. Mater. Chem. A 2022, 10, 10026.

4.      Jiucheng Nie, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lin, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Chun Feng* “Living crystallization-driven self-assembly of linear and V-shaped oligo(p-phenylene ethynylene)-containing block copolymers: architecture effect of π-conjugated crystalline segment”, Macromolecules 2022, 55, 7856.

5.      Tao Zhou, Weize Jin, Wenwen Xue, Bin Dai, Chun Feng, Xiaoyu Huang,* Patrick Theato, Yongjun Li* “Radical polymer-grafted carbon nanotubes as high-performance cathode materials for lithium organic batteries with promoted n-/p-type redox reactions”, J. Power Sources 2021, 483, 229136.

6.      Zhiqin Wang, Chen Ma, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lu, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Chun Feng* “Self-seeding of oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine) micelles: effect of metal ions”, Macromolecules 2021, 54, 6705.

7.      Zhaolei Wang, Qiaoyan Qi, Weize Jin, Xin Zhao, Xiaoyu Huang,* Yongjun Li* “Extending π-conjugation and integrating multi-redox centers into one molecule for high-capacity organic cathodes”, ChemSusChem 2021, 14, 3858.

8.      Yinan Cui, Zhiqin Wang, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lu, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Chun Feng* “How a small change of oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) chain length affects self-seeding of oligo(p-phenylenevinylene)-containing block copolymers”, Macromolecules 2020, 53, 1831.

9.      Daliao Tao, Zhiqin Wang, Xiaoyu Huang,* Mingwei Tian, Guolin Lu, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Chun Feng* “Continuous and segmented semiconducting fiber-like nanostructures with spatially selective functionalization by living crystallization-driven self-assembly”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 8232.

10.   Jiucheng Nie, Zhiqin Wang, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lin, Chun Feng* “Uniform continuous and segmented nanofibers containing a π-conjugated oligo(p- phenylene ethynylene) core via “living” crystallization-driven self-assembly: importance of oligo(p-phenylene ethynylene) chain length”, Macromolecules 2020, 53, 6299.

11.   Chen Ma, Zhiqin Wang, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lu, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Chun Feng* “Water-dispersible, colloidally stable, surface- functionalized uniform fiber-like micelles containing a π-conjugated oligo(p- phenylenevinylene)-core of controlled length”, Macromolecules 2020, 53, 8009.

12.   Chen Ma, Daliao Tao, Yinan Cui, Xiaoyu Huang,* Guolin Lu, Chun Feng* “Fragmentation of fiber-like micelle with a π-conjugated crystalline oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) core and a photo-cleavable corona in water: a matter of density of corona-forming chain”, Macromolecules 2020, 53, 8631.

13.   Zhaolei Wang, Xue Jiang, Wenbin Liu,* Guolin Lu, Xiaoyu Huang* “A rapid and operator-safe powder approach for latent fingerprint detection using hydrophilic Fe3O4@SiO2-CdTe nanoparticles”, Sci. China Chem. 2019, 62, 889.

14.   Daliao Tao, Chun Feng,* Yijie Lu, Yinan Cui, Xian Yang, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Xiaoyu Huang* “Self-seeding of block copolymers with a π-conjugated oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) segment: a versatile route toward monodisperse fiber-like nanostructures”, Macromolecules 2018, 51, 2065.

15.   Chun Feng, Xiaoyu Huang* “Polymer brushes: efficient synthesis and applications”, Acc. Chem. Res. 2018, 51, 2314.

16.  Yang, Jing Dai, Yongjun Li,* Mingchen Jia, Xiaoyu Huang* “Less defective fluorine-containing graphene with good dispersity: preparation, characterization, and application in transparent conductive thin film”, Carbon 2017, 115, 285.

17.   Daliao Tao, Chun Feng,* Yinan Cui, Xian Yang, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik,* Xiaoyu Huang* “Monodisperse fiber-like micelles of controlled length and composition with an oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) core via “living” crystallization-driven self-assembly”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 7136.

18.   Binbin Xu, Chun Feng, Xiaoyu Huang* “A versatile platform for precise synthesis of asymmetric molecular brush in one shot”, Nat. Commun. 2017, 8, 333.

19.   Yurong Que, Yajing Liu, Wei Tan, Chun Feng,* Ping Shi, Yongjun Li, Xiaoyu Huang* “Enhancing photodynamic therapy efficacy by using fluorinated nanoplatform”, ACS Macro Lett. 2016, 5, 168.

20.   Yang, Yongjun Li,* Zhong Huang, Xiaoyu Huang* “(C1.04H)n: a nearly perfect pure graphane”, Carbon 2016, 107, 154.


21.   Yurong Que, Zhong Huang, Chun Feng,* Yang Yang, Xiaoyu Huang* “Photoredox-mediated ATRP: a facile method for modification of graphite fluoride and graphene fluoride without deoxygenation”, ACS Macro Lett. 2016, 5, 1339.

Supported Projects:

2007 上海市青年科技启明星

2011 上海市青年科技启明星(跟踪)

2017年 上海市自然科学奖一等奖(1完成人)

2018年 国家杰出青年科学基金

2021年 中国科学院朱李月华优秀教师奖

2022年 第十七届上海市科技精英提名奖


2022年 上海市自然科学奖一等奖(1完成人)